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The Meaning of Grasp

Slide23The debris of white paint flecks in the golden hair
Of your arms is the garbage of love and light
–garbage whose original meaning was a “handful,”
A “grasp.” So I will grasp your arm, your hand,
Your chest, your body, and decorate myself
With your leavings, with your day’s work, and
Fill the nighttime world with the rubbish of worth.

–Shaun Perkins

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Road Conditions


Photo taken while driving home from work, 1-10-13

It is a day’s work we do,
And where does one find its end?
I was a teacher for twenty years;
Ex-students still haunt me in K-Mart
And at Sonic and in nightmares
About pajamas and podiums, Continue reading

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compass-old1North enters the story with one sweep
Of the wind’s cold hand. It bruises you
With its knowledge of You can never
Leave. You cannot unbend the steel
You placed so carefully along your spine.
But the wind is more than cannot.    Continue reading

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