shaundogTeach what you want to learn, she says to me
And she walks away, for every reaction
There is for every branch on one side
Of the tree there is for every step
Forward there is for every shunning
Of the light there is for every turn
Of the page there is for every rock
Spiraling into the water there is
For every bird with a broken wing Continue reading

Fair warning: Get your scary poem on!

scary-poemsGot a scary poem in you? Let it come out. The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is hosting a Scary Poem Contest that includes a reading of your poem at the Oct. 25 Dark & Scary event at the museum. Cash prizes for the top 3 winners!

Anyone can send in a poem, but winners must be present: We need to hear you tell us your poem around the campfire in the dark . . . where the sasquatch and coyote might be lurking. Continue reading