Cheery Chirper

I am taking my son on a college graduation trip to Europe. During that time, I will be leaving “Cheery Chirper” cards (see photo) with a line of poetry and the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry web address. If you happen to pick up one of the cards (or just want to comment!), please comment below–something about where you found the card or your own line of poetry or . . . whatever.

–Shaun Perkins


UPDATE: The European extravaganza tour is over! Thanks to those of you who found a card and told me about it here. If you have a card and haven’t commented, please do so! You can be anonymous!

Birthday Skirt

She has been alone for twelve years,
Remembers only the birthdays of dead people.
She shared one with Birdie, her brother’s wife,
who spoke in questions and smiles,
and said of the only daring skirt she ever made,
“Interesting pattern choice for you, Montie,”
while blowing cigarette smoke past her ear. Continue reading