Month: July 2012

Sea Lesson #3

The downed pines Heavy and mute In their destruction Are the path now, No stretch of sand, No line of seaweed Even.

Sea Lesson #2

I found Pluto on the beach. It nestled in seaweed clumps, Its loneliness revealed In its austere singularity Amidst the surf,

Sea Lesson #1

There you are deep inside, curved legs against shell, visible life in death brought to shore.

Overheard at the Scale House

What a dick! Pug a beast* You’re on the wrong channel. I think I can. I think I can. . . . new set of handcuffs That’s what her name was. I think I just dropped 2 tickets Down the hole. Dispatch? . ….

Third Exhibit: Cat Poetry

I am currently working on the third exhibit for the museum (finished the Marginalia and Door poetry ones), and this one will be poetry inspired by and about cats. I have modge-podged a few old drawers with some poetry and pictures and I’m figuring…

The Sand Plant

Pyramids in the Tulsa desert An iron insect spitting sand. Shaggy black quarry dog, stray god of the river, lopes between the dozers.