Overheard at the Scale House

Rock samples in the scale house

What a dick!
Pug a beast*
You’re on the wrong channel.
I think I can. I think I can.
. . . new set of handcuffs
That’s what her name was.
I think I just dropped 2 tickets
Down the hole.
Dispatch? . . . Dispatch? . . . Dispatch?
Need to pick up some riff-raff*
Down in the hole
You’re just psycho with a capital ‘S.’
Don’t aggravate the pug!*

–Shaun Perkins

Note: Most popular rock at the quarry is called “pugged aggregate base.” Another item that trucks frequently come in for is “rip-rap,” 12”-24” boulders like you see under bridges or close to waterways.


Third Exhibit: Cat Poetry

I am currently working on the third exhibit for the museum (finished the Marginalia and Door poetry ones), and this one will be poetry inspired by and about cats. I have modge-podged a few old drawers with some poetry and pictures and I’m figuring out what to do next.  (Don’t all self-respecting museums use modge-podge? Har!) Continue reading “Third Exhibit: Cat Poetry”