Aware of Birds Missing

MoonValleyWhat do you notice in winter stillness?
Does the stillness allow you to be still,
Also? Or does it make you want to move
In ways that keep you from noticing?

The honeysuckle vines are disappearing
From the fence rows, the wild rose bushes
Rooted out like kudzu by backhoes
Trained to pasture and emptiness. Continue reading

Reasons to Visit

chairsThere are many reasons you should visit the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. I will start by listing 10.

  1. You can make poetry from word blocks. Remember, if you call it a poem, it is a poem.
  2. You can play the symbol game, which includes a bottle of gin. (Sorry, it’s empty.)
  3. You can hide in the secret corner and read other people’s secret scribblings. Continue reading