Month: January 2013

I Beat Manuela

He kicked me in his sleep, But when he woke up, He said he was kicking a bad guy Who was trying to get me. I am always being chased By bad guys in his dreams, And he is always saving me.

Aware of Birds Missing

What do you notice in winter stillness? Does the stillness allow you to be still, Also? Or does it make you want to move In ways that keep you from noticing? The honeysuckle vines are disappearing From the fence rows, the wild rose bushes…


I am looking at you through a window I work to keep open, through the world At 50, and I’m seeing a landscape I had not anticipated, a life waving In this still image from the abandoned garage

At Moon Valley Road

Stillness at the depths and movement Above before the change, the contact That transforms element, strips you Of the life you have been, willing or not, Which is not the question. Here, In the icy crucible, you have no choice

Craig’s List Poetry: Truffle Bed

I have lain in the exquisite pleasure Of a strong, loving man’s arms, And I have slept where the creek Flows in the summer evening, And made my bed in the breeze Of a fall day near the meadow’s edge,

Reasons to Visit

There are many reasons you should visit the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. I will start by listing 10. You can make poetry from word blocks. Remember, if you call it a poem, it is a poem. You can play the symbol game, which…