Month: March 2013

Flamingo in Forsythia

Cannot be content with cardinal, With chickadee, mockingbird, and woodpecker, Cannot be content with what naturally seeks you Or at least what appears naturally around you.

Sale Barn

When we moved to town, we were in walking distance Of the sale barn, the place of cardboard boxes Full of stuffed animals, cattle for auction, popsicles, Rows of tin sheds full of okra, corn and blackberries, overalls, Blackened cooking pots and strange tools…

Poetic Vandalism

Ken and I just spent the weekend at Beavers Bend State Park, and we stayed in cabin 4. The cabin was small and cozy with a fireplace and good heat. It was a bit chilly, though just fine for hiking weather. We went on…

Convolutions of Calves’ Brains

“Normally this formation weathers out along high, narrow, and short ridges that in airplane view resemble the convolutions of calves’ brains.” –Oklahoma Geological Survey, Beavers Bend State Park Guide Book XI, 1963 The Choctaw knew this land, Knew the way it could be lived…

Almost, Almost

We wait for the crabgrass and dandelions and wild onion To shuffle aside the fall leaves, our feet crunching What has died, our attention focused on sun and wind, The beauty of not-yet-spring, oh but almost, almost.


I opened the gate, walked into the garden Rust flaked off in my hands Sifting the dust To put out the air Squeeze my eyes shut to open to Statues Angel wings, a maiden This urn I smelled it from the garden gate