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Add-A-Line for Ida

ida-mascotIda Red, one half of the museum mascot team, has decided that she needs to contribute more to the ROMP mission. Thus, she will occasionally make a post on this blog. Though she is a redbone coonhound, she does not hunt so much as she . . . waddles around on the land and hogs the golf cart. She needs to at least exercise her mental and creative faculties, so in her first blog, she would like some help in writing a poem:

RRRRRuff! RRRRRRuff! RRRRRRRuk uk uk uh uh . . .  Pardon me, got a bark caught in my throat. It’s getting cold out here in the sticks. Anyone got some kibble? Yeah I know I just ate. Continue reading “Add-A-Line for Ida”



thanksgivingShe hasn’t had this many people in her house
since her husband died. She found his upper
dental plate in the whatnot drawer while looking
for a package of yeast. The floor is collapsing
and they’re all riding the beeline to hell.
Her aunt used to tell her uncles when they drank
too much: You’re in first class on the beeline to hell, Continue reading “Thanksgiving”

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Poem-Gift Workshop Coming Up!

Poem & Journal-Maker at one of Shaun’s workshops

Starting in 2014, I am going to be offering some workshops at the museum. They will all be about poetry in some way, and they will give people an opportunity to write a little poetry and do a little crafty stuff.  The first workshop will actually be this year though–DECEMBER 14.

I don’t care how old you are and if you want the latest G-4, 1000 Ipod Orange Monster Giggananobyte phone or whatever, a personalized gift is still cool to get. And a poem written just for you is a remarkable gift. So at this workshop, I will help you write a poem or poems for a loved one. And then we will craft a handmade card or wall-hanging or whatnot to put the poem on. Continue reading “Poem-Gift Workshop Coming Up!”



MexicoMapIn the general store north
Of Toronto, Kansas, I bought
Handmade postcards from
A local artist, a rusted Ford
In a field of weeds, rooster,
Meadows of sunflowers.
The dusty baggie held
Five cards. It is hard to find
Postcards anymore. Gone
With them are letters
And notes and notebooks
Full of notes and notes on
Lined paper or stationery. Continue reading “Ephemera”

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Thankity You!


Way back in the 80’s, in the time before the interwebs, my college friends and I threw a birthday party for Lloyd, a guy who loved Spam. I’m not kidding: he ate it almost every day, and not because he had to. We made an elaborate Spam boat decorated with marshmallow and cocktail toothpick rigging on a sea of blue-food-coloring-tinged icing. No one could have imagined that the meat product would become one of the most common terms online. Lloyd, did you know? Continue reading “Thankity You!”

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Post-ROMP: Poetry Left Behind

Someone left a rolled note here.
Someone left a rolled note here.

I always enjoy giving the museum a good look-over after an event. I find the words and lines and poems that people have left behind. The museum encourages wordplay  and almost everything in the space can be written on. Here are some of the treasures I found after our last event Nov. 16. Continue reading “Post-ROMP: Poetry Left Behind”