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Harness Up The Day

The door at the Woody Guthrie Center
At the Woody Guthrie Center

Oklahoma has created some stellar poets, to name a few–John Berryman, Joy Harjo, N. Scott Momaday, and Kevin Welch.  Our fly-over state has also produced some first-rate songwriters who have the musical poet strong inside them: Garth Brooks, Roy Clark, Wanda Jackson, Reba McEntire, Leon Russell, Dwight Twilley, Bob Wills, and Kevin Welch again, among them. But our greatest poet has to be Woody Guthrie. And yes, he was a poet. Just read the lyrics to “Harness Up The Day”: Continue reading “Harness Up The Day”


Finding the Place Where

locustOne day the question collides in you,
The curve of its newness slick behind
Your ear, mimicking that same arc,
Teasing you into listening, and this time,
To the way the wind whistles around
Your neck, the adjustment your feet
Make to the undulation of the earth
On this path not taken before to a place
Which tethers you without force
—Cool ageless stones lining
The threshold where you pause to drink
From a bowl of water that has appeared
To ease the burden of the new battle
Blushing its shame through your body. Continue reading “Finding the Place Where”


Flooded Town

DSC02937Yonkers, Oklahoma, was abandoned and flooded
To create Lake Fort Gibson in 1933.

Eighty years later, in the scrub oaks of
Northern Wagoner County, it remains in
Foundation puzzles and a one-room skeleton
Of the school where Cherokees and whites
Learned together until water was needed more. Continue reading “Flooded Town”


Poem-Gift Workshop Coming Up!

Please let me know if you are coming. Just send an email or call. It will be fun!

Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry

Starting in 2014, I am going to be offering some workshops at the museum. They will all be about poetry in some way, and they will give people an opportunity to write a little poetry and do a little crafty stuff.  The first workshop will actually be this year though–DECEMBER 14.

I don’t care how old you are and if you want the latest G-4, 1000 Ipod Orange Monster Giggananobyte phone or whatever, a personalized gift is still cool to get. And a poem written just for you is a remarkable gift. So at this workshop, I will help you write a poem or poems for a loved one. And then we will craft a handmade card or wall-hanging or whatnot to put the poem on.

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Musings, Poems

Butch’s Painting

I have not written a Craig’s List poem in a while, a poem wherein I take a strange, sad, semi-literate, or otherwise entertaining ad from that fine website and write a poem to accompany, or perhaps, explain it in some way. I just found this ad in the General listings and went WHOA. What in the hell is going on in this painting? Continue reading “Butch’s Painting”