Poetry Festival is Saturday!

npmonthThe first ROMP Poetry Festival is Saturday, April 5, from 2-5 p.m. We will ring in April, National Poetry Month, with a poetry parade from the museum, across the haymeadow, to the ROMP Shop . . . and back. Stops along the way for impromptu poetic words and  . . . stuff.

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Oklahoma’s True Poet Laureate: Woody Guthrie

Looking through my archives and found this–written my last year of high school teaching and before the Woody Guthrie Center was open.

Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry

My students have been studying the life and work of Woody Guthrie. It’s his centennial, and good old Oklahoma is finally coming around to see what an important man this guy from Okemah really was. My fellow Okies tend to hold a grudge for way too long, and in this case it was never warranted—to think someone was a communist (which he wasn’t) and a socialist (which he was, though didn’t care for the tag) is not a decent reason to deny his value.

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Art Teachers & Students!

paradeOne week remains for you to put together a unique and creative Poetry Poster for the ROMP Poetry Festival. Students of all ages, kindergarten to college, are invited to enter a poster to celebrate National Poetry Month in April.

Details for the contest are on this page. The deadline for entries is April 2. The Festival is April 5. Prizes will be awarded for every age level.

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Spring is Singing and More

Noah waving his spring flower poem from the treehouse
Noah waving his spring flower poem from the treehouse

One of the best things about living in Oklahoma is that we experience all four seasons. It was wonderful to celebrate spring in poetry, song, fellowship, and folks this weekend at our Spring is Singing event. Our calendar for the year includes events that celebrate each of the seasons. The museum exists to honor nature (rural) and poetry. Continue reading “Spring is Singing and More”

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Peggy has her own blog!

Peggy with CHS student Claire Mason
Peggy with CHS student Claire Mason

Peggy the Personification Pig has proven too popular. She must have her own blog. In the future, you can click on the Peggy link above to be directed to her site. She is quite the . . . ham. She wrote a poem to celebrate her day at Chouteau High School.

I am a pig of many roles.
A pig of many rolls.
You helped me see my dream.
You helped me to believe
A pig can be queen for a day.