Poetry Post Office

Tiffany and others at the Poetry Letter Office
Tiffany and others at the Poetry Letter Office

NOTE: The following was written and given to me after our festival. If you attended and would also like to make a comment, please reply in the Comments below. 

My favorite part of the ROMP Poetry Festival was the letters that had the names of different authors on the envelope. I picked out James Wright and the poem inside was called “Beginning.” I really loved this poem instantly and found myself thinking that I needed to find a book of poems by James Wright. Continue reading “Poetry Post Office”

A Garish Setting Forth

bestballoonparadeOne of the definitions for “parade” comes from the Italian “parate,” meaning a” garish setting forth.” When I decided we would have a poetry parade at our first ROMP Poetry Festival, I had no idea what that would look like. I just knew that a parade would be a great way to honor April being National Poetry Month. With the help of all the willing and able poetic participants, we made a great and garish setting forth across the meadow that was the highlight of the Festival. Continue reading “A Garish Setting Forth”

It’s Not a Bed Sheet

???????????????????????????????ROMP is at Oklahoma City University today for the Oklahoma Council of Teachers of English conference. The spring conference focuses on poetry, and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Tracy Smith and Oklahoma’s Poet Laureate Nathan Brown are both here today. At my booth, people are finding out about Peggy the Personification Pig, the Altar of Alliteration, and all things ROMP in honor of National Poetry Month. Continue reading “It’s Not a Bed Sheet”