ROMP5-28-14The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is ALWAYS OPEN. Anytime you want to come out, do. Give an hour-notice by phone or a day’s notice by email, and you are good to go . . . come.

918-864-9152 (Shaun)

From personal experience, I know that the museum is a great place to be in the middle of the night for you night owls. Continue reading

Forget Me Not: Autograph Book Exhibit


autograph1This summer I will be replacing the Marginalia exhibit in the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry with one on Poetry in Autograph Books. I think finding poetry-worthy marginalia in old books was kind of a singular phenomenon, meaning, I am crazier about such a thing than most people. It may be that I am crazier about old autograph books than most people, too, but . . . here goes! Continue reading

His Arrival

tamlinHis hair contains the texture of a long
morning in bed. I kneel beside his body,
my hands near his head, his breath already
in time with my world. Blood marks his forehead.
I rub it away, and like anyone’s mother
Smoothing the part, I let my hand linger
on his head, until I hear others near,
the ground shivering with the quick approach, Continue reading

ROMP Thrift Editions . . . coming soon

rompeditions2One day I will have a ROMP gift shop in the ROMP Shop, across the pasture from the museum. I am working on the inventory right now. I want to, of course, sell poetry books in it, and I will stock books by Oklahoma poets. But really, you can easily get a poetry book online. What is a unique kind of poetry book I could sell? Then it came to me: ROMP Annotated Editions. Continue reading