Month: October 2014

This World is Open

We have these stories about the perfect place. That first Biblical story of the land of love and fruit created in the image of the fruit-maker, the lover of all things sensory, all things finite and mortal. Potential blossomed on the vines trailing across…

Poem Town

I just submitted a grant application for a project I’ve been thinking about . . . maybe all my life. Poem Town. There’s some inspiration there from Edgar Lee Masters who created Spoon River Anthology, a collection of poems from former residents of Spoon River talking…

Dark & Scary

It’s almost here! Dark and Scary at the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. We will check out the museum, have cookies and cocoa, and tell scary stories around the campfire when it gets dark. DARK & SCARY Oct. 25, Saturday 6-9 p.m. Rural Oklahoma…


The first place I looked was where the spring rounded the grove of oaks and began to widen into a creek shadowed by sycamores. The moss grew thick on the bare spots of earth where the sun only reached in winter speckles between branches….

Enjoy Art, Entertainment and High Tea at LGAA Fall Art Tour

Originally posted on Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry:
Willard Stone: “Something to Believe In” The Locust Grove Arts Alliance is hosting a Fall Art Tour that includes the Willard Stone Museum, the Gourds, Etc. Art Studio of Verna Bates and the Rural Oklahoma Museum…

After October Rain

You lie on the naked bed, the sheets Finishing the spin cycle, the trailer walls Shuddering slightly with the motion. One cat is at your feet, the others Line the rooms like Egyptian statues On guard for a dropped piece of cheese.