Things We Would Like to Hear More Often

DSC05516During my POEM LIFE show, I ask the audience to write down things they would like to hear more often, and then I use those words, phrases and sentences in the show. Below is a sampling of some audience offerings. The next POEM LIFE shows are scheduled for May 29 and June 19. Please come to one!

I had a pile of these slips of paper, and I took a picture of them and then just started typing them in the order I picked them up. I like the way they turned out. This is like a poem, and there is a practical side, too: You can see how often you say some of these things that others want to hear.

It’s time to embrace and celebrate our differences.DSC05513
Let’s take a road trip.
You look great.
What can I do to help/?
I love you.
Yes, more.
Would you like to come over for breakfast?
You did it.
You’re beautiful.
Sir, here’s your million dollars.
You can do it!DSC05515
You are worthy my time and energy.
This tastes great.
Thank you.
You are so creative!
You’re like a ray of sunshine.
You are loved.
I got that for you.
This is exactly where you are supposed to be in this very moment.
Life is beautiful.
I’m proud of you.
Earth first always!
Faith in God.
You make things better.
Here’s five dollars.
Let’s go on a road trip.
We are all one.
Thank you.
You are enough.
I love you.
I’m proud of you.
Gosh, you’re so smart.
Go for it, woman.
I love just being with you.
There will be refreshments.
You are good enough.
Good job!
Of course.
How can I help you?
I’ll help you with that!
You know what to do.

–Shaun Perkins



DSC05510ROMP recently received a grant for outdoor benches. The benches will replace all the mismatched and falling-apart chairs that I have used since we opened. They will be great for our poetry and storytelling events around the fire and also when we have guest speakers and other outdoor events.DSC05511

They are currently just lined up near the museum entrance, but they will be easy to move and arrange however they are needed. Next event is May 30: ROMP Wildflower Day. Come take a wildflower walk in the pasture, read some wildflower poems, write your own, and have a seat on a new bench in the beautiful natural surroundings.DSC05512

Also, be sure to come out on July 10, when ROMP will host Oklahoma’s newest poet laureate Ben Myers for an afternoon on The Possibilities of Poetry.

The grant was from the Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative. Thank you NEOC!