printsbeginning2I wrote a poem on a piece of a grocery sack today. A few months ago I bought the above two pieces of artwork, or as they are called on the back “wall accessories” at a thrift store. They are both prints from 1972 that are titled “We Are Engaged.” I altered one of them and am waiting on inspiration to do the other.

I like the idea of a wall accessory. I suppose a rug is a floor accessory. Is a porch a house accessory? A hanging plant an air accessory? An ice box magnet a refrigerator accessory.

Apparently, I just like the word “accessory.”

–Shaun Perkinsbeginning to learnbeginning4

One Reply to “Accessory”

  1. We purchased your lovely poetic wall accessory last week. Absolutely adored it at first sight as we seen it displayed in the window ; which made us giddy to explore the store inside.
    Our home is I guess you could say a display of wall accessories. We merge culture, era’s, and a bit of personality into each piece we display for our own amusement. Some say its like museuem other say its more of junk store. Either way wall accessory are a must, they bring a functional piece of a house and turn it into something uniquly spunky. Yep that’s my word for the day…. spunky !.
    Thanks for helping me find my inspiration in everyday, ‘taken for granted” object as though only meant for one purpose.

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