Poems in the Pasture

Poems in the Pasture is a walking meditation and poetry-writing or thinking or reading exercise in the field next to the museum. A small labyrinth mowed into the field takes you on a journey with stops along the way to read poetry, consider various ideas, write and enjoy the natural world.

The labyrinth is small and takes about 10-15 minutes to walk in and then out of it. If you take a clipboard in with you and stop at each of the 10 Poem in the Pasture stops, it can take as long as you like!

img_1784Poems, words, phrases, etc. that you write inside the labyrinth can be displayed on a Poems in the Pasture board inside the museum.

There are poems and activities inside the labyrinth.

img_2274You can come out and walk the labyrinth anytime during daytime hours. The museum is usually open, but call ahead if you want to make sure. 918-864-9152. Leave a message if there is no answer.


Thanks, to the Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative for the grant for the brochure boxes.