SPC-Poem Submission Form

NOTE: THIS page is only for participants in the Summer Poetry Challenge who signed up by June 21.

Starting the week of June 23, write and send one poem a week for this challenge. I will reply with some feedback about your poem sometime during the week. If you have specific questions or feedback you are looking for, be sure to include that information.

If you are having trouble figuring out what to write, you could use one of the optional prompts on THIS PAGE.

You can send your poem in a number of ways. Read below.

Use the form below to submit poems to the Summer Poetry Challenge. You can also email your poem to ROMPoetry@gmail.com or deliver it in person to ROMP Rummage Store or Wonder City Coffee in downtown Locust Grove. Poems can also be mailed to ROMP at 6603 S 438 Rd. Locust Grove OK 74352