Summer Poetry Challenge Prompts

On this page, there will be weekly writing prompts designed for the Summer Poetry Challenge.

Only use them if you are having trouble getting started on a poem. Otherwise, write whatever is in you at the time.

PROMPT for Week One: June 23-29

ONE WORD: Sometimes the best writing/speaking prompt is the simplest. First, find a time and place where you will be able to write uninterrupted for at least 10 minutes. Try to let any worries fade away, pick up your pen or put your fingers on the keyboard and write about whatever comes to mind from this word: SCAR.

If you don’t like that word, pick up a random book or close your eyes and place your finger on a random word on the screen and write about it. There are no rules, other than try writing in phrases and short lines rather than sentences and paragraphs. When you are finished, put a title on what you have written. Leave it alone for a while. Come back to it after several hours or even a day or two. Read it again, make any changes. Send it to me for feedback if you would like or just Submit it!