Oklahoma Poem Contest


To celebrate National Poetry Month and Oklahoma, the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry conducts an annual Oklahoma Poem Contest, with cash prizes and medals for the winners. Prizes are given out each year at Wonder City Wordfest in Locust Grove.

To enter, write your own creative poem that has something to do with one or more of Oklahoma’s emblems: our state bird, animal, flag, motto, etc.

                          CASH PRIZES totaling $800

Contest Guidelines

  1. All Oklahoma residents are eligible to enter.
  2. Poems will be judged in 4 categories:K-5th, 6th-8th, 9th-12th, and Adult
  3. Cash awards will be given in each category. Medals will be given for runners-up.
  4. Poems must be 10-24 lines long, no shorter and no longer.
  5. Poems can be rhymed or unrhymed.
  6. One poem per person.
  7. Previous winning poems cannot be submitted again.
  8. A signed Entry Form or online form must be filled out and turned in with the poem.

Contest Evaluation Criteria:

Poems will be judged based on these criteria: imagery, creativity, language, and theme

To Submit:                   DEADLINE: April 3, 2021

Mail your poem with THIS ENTRY FORM.


Submit your poem through the online form below.

Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry PO Box 1243 Locust Grove OK 74352

Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry
2020 Oklahoma Poem Contest Winning Poets


1st, Aunika Anderson, Spiro
2nd, Jacquelyn Magrady, Tulsa
3rd, Zachary Wilhite, Claremore

9th-12th Grade

1st, Kaylee Bowman, Grove
2nd, Justin Herlan, Bluejacket
3rd, Harley Lee, Bluejacket

5th-8th Grade

1st, Aurora Parks, Pryor
2nd, Ashlie Nguyen, Yukon
3rd, Zack Strong, Yukon

K-4th Grade

1st, Jediah Harrison, Grove
2nd, MeKenzie Smith, Yukon
3rd, Silas Jackson, Grove

Oklahoma Poem Contest 2020: Winning Poems

2019 Oklahoma Poem Contest Winners


1st, Hannah Ewton, Claremore

2nd, Darron Dunbar, Oklahoma City

3rd, Mary McCloskey, Oklahoma City


1st, Palmer Strubhar, Piedmont


1st, Lahna Erwin

2nd, Ivy Snyder

3rd, Ashley Smith


1st, Zack Strong, Yukon

2nd Alexander Spruill, El Reno & Kaylee Porter, Yukon

3rd, Leslie Bernal, Tulsa

CLICK HERE to see photos by Zack Strong’s grandfather Lonnie Rickey at Wonder City Wordfest

2019 OK Winning Poems

Poem by Darron Dunbar

Mother Oklahoma Poem Art by Darron Dunbar.jpg

Picture 113
Mary was not able to attend, but she sent this photo after she received her award.

2018 Oklahoma Poem Contest Winners

Photographs of the winners who were at the ceremony can be found HERE.

 Category: K-5th Grade

Aurora Parks, Roosevelt Elementary, Pryor

Amelia Hanlan, Independence Elementary, Yukon

3rd (tie)
Madison Mennecke, LGUE, Locust Grove

Parker Hensley, Independence Elementary, Yukon

Category: 6th-8th Grade

Erin Bendabout, LGMS, Locust Grove

Jerah Bighorse, LGMS, Locust Grove

3rd (tie)
Miranda Blossom, LGMS, Locust Grove

Mya Phillips, LGMS, Locust Grove

Category: 9th-12th Grade


Jasmine Alverado, Emerson South, Oklahoma City

Sierra Murphy, LGHS, Locust Grove

Audra Cunningham, LGHS, Locust Grove

Category: Adult

Casey Mclerran, Sapulpa

Debra Martin, Edmond

Hannah Eaton, Claremore

You can read all of the winning poems in a pdf by clicking HERE.


Oklahoma Poem Contest 2019

Entries due April 13, 2019

Wonder City Wordfest: Saturday, April 27, 2019