Justice, Not Roses

editedThe year 2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, securing a woman’s right to vote. In honor of that historic occasion, the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry’s 2020 exhibit was a poetic exploration of women’s suffrage and its effects. Oklahoma ratified the 19th amendment on Feb. 28, 1920, and Feb. 28, 2020 was the opening date for this exhibit.

Coffee with a Suffragist event

The visual display was created by ROMP’s logo artist Bryan Nicholaus Grey, who spent 4 weeks creating artwork and painting murals for the exhibit, and director Shaun Perkins worked with him to create an interactive poetic component in conjunction with the art. Alysha Little, who did the artwork for the exhibit book, also contributed some artwork to the museum exhibit.

At the opening celebration, exhibit booklets were given away, and the awards for the 19th Amendment Poem Contest and the Suffragist Doll Contest were given out. At the Coffee with a Suffragist event at Wonder City Coffee, several women portrayed suffragists in speeches and poetry: Pictured left to right above: Alysha Little, Kelly Palmer, Deborah Hunter, Roxann Yates, Sunu Kodumthara, Shaun Perkins, and Catelyn Cook.

If you were unable to come to either opening event, you can purchase the exhibit book online HERE.

Some elements from this exhibit are currently on display at the museum.