EVERYword activity at Creativity Camp

Want to get people excited about words, wordplay, and poetry, and sneak in some creativity and literacy in the meantime? EVERYword is the program that does that.

EVERYword, a signature Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry (ROMP) program, brings the art of poetry out in EVERYONE. People of all ages are involved in the beauty and versatility of the language they already have and motivated to seek out more opportunities to communicate, play with and learn from language and the interactions that surround language.

EVERYword is facilitated by ROMP director Shaun Perkins, who is also an Oklahoma Arts Council Teaching Artist. Perkins has taught this program to people from ages 7 to adult in both school and community settings. The program can be tailored to fit any time schedule or age.

Participant at a ROMP workshop

Most recently Perkins taught the program to all students at Locust Grove Middle School over a four-week period. The program emphasizes writing and reading poetry, revision and editing, the writing process, mixed media art, group activities and oral presentation.

The program can also be designed to include publication of student work in both print and visual forms, an out-of-school presentation that parents and the public can attend, and a peer evaluation of the publication and presentation.


The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry, 6603 S 438 Rd., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to encourage poetic wordplay and literacy and to provide an experience of poetry that can be life-changing.

ROMP’s mission and vision are dedicated to showing how EVERYONE has poetry within them and that the experience of poetry is a vital one.

For more information, contact Perkins at 918-864-9152 or ROMPoetry@gmail.com.

“Thanks SO MUCH for what you’re doing with your poetry program and for the art community here in LG. The kids just loved having you in class!”--Nicole Bennett, 7th grade English teacher, Locust Grove Middle School

Thanks again!