Poem Life Podcast

Wacky Poem Life is a 30-minute podcast that explores a bit of poetry left by a visitor to the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. The conversation includes things about poetry and literature and also about dogs, cats, clackers, and the origin of the word “clap,” among other things.

Hosts Bill Guthrie and Shaun Perkins put this podcast together and hope to entertain with a bit of wacky and a bit of poetry and then some more wacky. It is a light, entertaining half-hour to brighten up your day and is for all people, regardless of their interest in poetry.

The podcast is recorded at the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry (ROMP) each Friday and released that same day.

You can listen to Wacky Poem Life anywhere you get your podcasts, and you can learn more about it at Wacky Poem Life.

Promo Video: Where is Peggy? Episode 31, Wacky Poem Life!