Gift Shop

The ROMP Gift Shop has closed its physical space, but dolls and books can still be purchased online.

autobooksHandcrafted Autograph Book

Handcrafted autograph books, written by Roxann Yates and crafted of wood and metal with the help of Jerry Yates, were specially made for this year’s museum exhibit. The books are packed with color photos, poems, information about autograph books and prompts on writing your own autograph poems. These are special, one-of-a-kind books, great as gifts. No two alike.

$20 + $5 shipping = $25
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You can also send a check to ROMP, 6603 S 438 Rd., Locust Grove OK 74352 to purchase a book.

ROMPublishing Books

Books of poetry from the ROMP Press are available here.

ROMP Mascot Doll

???????????????????????????????Designed and created by Tulsa artist, storyteller and puppeteer Kareth Bodman Moore, the ROMP Doll proudly wears her ROMP overalls. She is made lovingly of crocheted yarn and comes with one extra outfit. Each doll comes with a personalized poem made by Shaun Perkins, ROMP director. Add instructions about the person for whom you are buying the doll, and Shaun will create a poem about that person to go with the doll. The doll comes in three sizes. See all the dolls currently available at THIS PAGE.

Kareth Bodman Moore

Since ROMP changed its logo and colors, Kareth will be making more Ruby dolls, which will be in the green and yellow colors of the current museum. Check back for details when they are available!


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