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The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry, founded in 2012, is not a traditional museum. It is, however, in the traditional sense of the word “museum,” a place that is sacred to the muses, the muses of poetry in particular. ROMP celebrates the power of poetry in the daily lives of the people. ROMP celebrates the first literary art in the world and its continuing need in the lives of people everywhere.

ROMP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with tax-exempt status.

About the Director:

Shaun Perkins is a poet, storyteller, freelance writer,  workshop facilitator, rummage store owner, and performer who conducts workshops and presentations at the regional and national levels with such organizations as the National Storytelling Network, National Association for Poetry Therapy, National Council for Teachers of English, and many more. She is a Teaching Artist with the Oklahoma Arts Council and has been published in a variety of journals. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from Oklahoma State University and a master’s degree in liberal studies from the University of Oklahoma. She currently is writing her fourth book in a detective novel series written in verse. For more information about it, visit The Book With.

Contact Information:

ROMPoetry@gmail.com or 918-479-ROMP
Mailing Address: PO Box 1243
Physical Address: 416 E. Main St.
Locust Grove OK 74352

ROMP Officers:

Executive Director:
Shaun Perkins, Locust Grove
Alysha Little, Locust Grove
Jennifer Henson, Locust Grove
Costing clerk/tax specialist, RAE Corporation
Kelly Palmer, Locust Grove
Accounts payable/systems analyst, Anchor-Stone

ROMP Board of Directors:

Bill Guthrie, Locust Grove, Director
Social Worker/Artist

Sandy Burford, Locust Grove, Director

Roxann Yates, Locust Grove, Director
Retired Teacher



Anyone interested in ROMP may attend our quarterly board meetings.

Upcoming Meeting:

July 15, 2023, 9:00 a.m.
ROMP, 416 E. Main

Past Meeting Minutes:

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ROMP Bylaws & IRS Letter

19 thoughts on “About”

  1. I had a blast at the ROMP the other night it was so much fun! I am looking forward to the next one in November!

  2. My girls (ages 8 and 6) came to your event tonight. We had an amazing time. It was so neat to watch them get excited making sentences and with the jenga blocks. They enjoyed making funny sentences like “She smells like a fish with a fuzzy cat.” They had no idea that they were learning while having fun. They had me read each poem around the museum and try to explain it to them. We also made some poetry bracelets. After that we enjoyed the scenery from the beautiful treehouse. The scavenger hunt with poetry was a blast! Thank you very much for this family time and learning experience you provided! This will be a night we will alway remember. We can’t wait to enjoy your scary story in November! My girls called their prize their trophy and was so excited to show their daddy their trophy.

    1. Thank you, Kimberly. I had a great time seeing you and the girls enjoy words and wordplay and all things poetry . . . People like you keep the museum alive in my heart and in actual space.

  3. I look at your face and I can believe you are an excellent storyteller. I’m betting you would be a very good friend too, discussing life and literature over tea and cookies!

  4. Great blessing finding you I say. I’ve been a poetry fan for years and have recently found a great pleasure in writing my own.. Mostly from personal observations and family happenings, i’m trying to gather as much as i can as a gift to our next generation, grandkids.

  5. Thank you for taking time to visit (and follow) my humble blog. I’m an Okie girl transplanted to Colorado and just love what you are doing here. I’ll be visiting regularly!

  6. very exciting… looking forward to your success and any sharing I might beable to assist in. You might already know this… I write a poetry blog everyday. take a gander. I’ll be around.
    peace to you shean. xo

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