Wonder City Wordfest

Mark your calendars: The next Wordfest will take place APRIL 15, 2023 and will be another spectacular celebration of poetry and Oklahoma!



Wonder City Wordfest is an annual celebration of poetry and community that began in 2014 as the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry’s ROMPfest. The day includes a variety of ways for people of all ages to stretch their creativity and be inspired by the beauty, joy and value of words, poetry, and community. 

History of Festival:

Wordfest_2019_7452The festival was held at the former ROMP site from 2014-2016. From 2017-2019, the festival was held at Wonder City Coffee in downtown Locust Grove and was renamed Wonder City Wordfest. 

The 2020 WCW was cancelled due to the pandemic, and in 2021, instead of a traditional festival, we had a Poetry Treasure Hunt in Locust Grove. We had many participants and had a lot of fun.

IN 2022, we returned to a regular festival with live music, a free food truck, poetry awards and more. Please plan to join us for this fun day of poetry, music, fellowship, dancing and boogieing, making wordplay together and much more!

Our 2023 festival will include fun activities, free food and the Oklahoma Poet Contest celebration.

Below you will find photos and information about our past festivals.

Wonder City Wordfest 2019, Photos by Byron Totty
More WCW 2019 Photos
WCW 2018 Photos
WCW 2017
ROMPfest 2016
ROMPfest 2015 
ROMPfest 2014 Photos

For more information, contact Shaun Perkins, 918-479-7667.  ROMPoetry@gmail.com.