The Chief at TU

Today I am attending the Nimrod Conference for Writers and Readers at the University of Tulsa. Nimrod is the literary journal that TU has been putting out for quite some time. The generous folks at TU gave this chick a scholarship to attend today’s events. I also get a little editing review session where someone is going to talk with me about my poems. Yar.

One of the main reasons I wanted to come was because wonderful poet Philip Levine will be here. He’s our poet laureate, and I have always enjoyed his work. Also, writer Pam Houston will be a big treat.

I will be scattering rompoetry love cards . . . well, rompoetry cards, vintage–this deck has a wonderful picture of a Native American chief on it. On the other side are . . .  words, a phrase, something for you to think about. Collect several and make your own poem.

If you pick up one of my cards today, please consider commenting below!

Off to play with words.

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