In Okemah on Saturday

DSC04222David Amram on the piano
Behind the Woody poets
As they spoke

Music curling around
Every block as
You walked Okemah

Queen of Okemah
In the BBQ place
Demanding ribs sold out

(Brisket best we have
Ever had, by the way—
Papa’s Backyard BBQ)

John Fullbright saying
This is the only place
I wanna be when I’m gone

And the only place
I don’t want to be
When I’m here

Arlo coming on to tell us
I’m just going to play
Some of the old man’s songs

And pointing toward
The cemetery where his
Kinfolk are buried

And telling us
About Woody in hospital
And the only person

Who knew him was a man
Who had eaten a copy
Of Bound for Glory

NOTE: This past weekend was the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma, about 2 hours south of here. I got to be a Woody Poet at a reading and enjoy the entire Saturday lineup of fabulous musicians that ended with John Fullbright and Arlo Guthrie at the Pastures of Plenty with a full moon rising beside the stage.

And today is Woody’s birthday.

1 thought on “In Okemah on Saturday”

  1. Crystal theater, Pastures of Plenty Concert. Music on every corner. Happy people everywhere. I believe Woody would approve.

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