How to Write a Poem

by Shaun Perkins There is a wonderful French police drama called Capitaine Marleau, in which the title character solves crimes in a unique way, without “thinking” or “believing.” Her response to her colleagues who ask her, “What do you think?” is “I don’t think. I observe.” And her response to the question, “What do you… Continue reading How to Write a Poem

Eros in September

  The dotted dirt floor around Psyche’s feet pulled me into a story of another’s trials. I held the image of my love for a few seconds, and then I turned away, turned back to the stories of childhood. Even my non-human childhood held stories, for we always wanted to understand how human minds worked.… Continue reading Eros in September


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About Me

Shaun Perkins is the director of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. Before she opened the museum in 2012, she started a blog on this site. Many of the old posts can be found here. On April 1, 2021, she started writing new blog posts for all things poetry related. The posts should appear weekly. Message her if you have something you would like her to cover.

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