Dark & Scary

dark-scary2022To celebrate Halloween and all things dark and scary,  the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry conducts an annual Dark & Scary Poem Contest, with cash prizes.

DEADLINE: Oct 20, 2022

Prizes will be given out and poems read at ROMP’s Dark & Scary event on Oct. 29, at the museum. You do not have to be present to win.

PRIZES IN EACH CATEGORY K-5th grade, 6th-12th grade, and Adult:

1st Place: $50    2nd Place: $30     3rd Place: $20

Contest Evaluation Criteria:

Poems will be judged based on these criteria: imagery, creativity, poetic language, and theme

To enter, write your own poem (rhymed or unrhymed) on a Halloween or dark and scary theme that follows the contest guidelines below.

Poetry Contest Guidelines:

  1. Poems must be between 8 and 50 lines long.
  2. Poems must in some way be on the Halloween or dark and scary theme and have a title.
  3. Anyone anywhere in kindergarten and up can enter the contest.
  4. Poems cannot have been entered in previous ROMP contests.
  5. You can mail in your entry or use the online form below.
  6. IMPORTANT: A signed Entry Form must be filled out and submitted with the poem if mailing, OR if entering with the online form below, all categories must be filled in.

Be sure to keep your own copy of your poem. Time and budget constraints mean your poem’s receipt is not acknowledged. Winners will be notified by email by Oct. 25.

Dark-ScaryPoem Contest 2022

Dark & Scary Poem Contest Entry Form


By submitting this poem, I am acknowledging that I am the person who wrote it.

2021 Dark & Scary Poem Contest Winners

K-5th Grade

1st, Ivy Scott, Locust Grove OK
2nd, Teresa Manimala, Stillwater OK
3rd, Cora Eatherly, Tishomingo OK

6th -12th Grade

1st, Kate Thomas, Grove OK
2nd, Kendal Jackson, Grove OK
3rd, Wesley Laney, Grove OK


1st, Brittany Johnson, Rose OK
2nd, Helen Patterson, Broken Arrow OK
3rd (tie), David Gaberman, Farmington Hills MI
LaVern Spencer McCarthy, Blair OK