Ruby the ROMP Mascot Doll

Ruby2-5Ruby, the ROMP Mascot, is a handmade doll that comes in 3 sizes and is made by local storyteller and crafter Kareth Bodman Moore. All proceeds from the sale of the Ruby dolls go to the crafter and to our nonprofit 501(c)3 museum. Each unique, no-2-alike Ruby doll comes with the following:

  • Pair of overalls
  • Full-skirted dress
  • Doll blanket (handmade)
  • Doll pillow (handmade)
  • Poem written just for the doll
  • [Optional] Poem written for the doll owner

The three sizes are Small (6″), Medium (9″) and Large (13″). All three dolls have braided hair and underpants! If you would like Shaun to write a poem for you when you buy one of the dolls, please let her know. All of the dolls are numbered. Ruby #1 lives in the museum and is the one you see on our main museum page.

I have not posted photos of all of the poems that go with the dolls here, but if you would like to see any of them, just email me (, and I will send them to you.


Small Buy Now Button $30


I have only one of these 9″ dolls with the special handmade Valentine dress. She will also come with a pair of green & orange overalls and orange shoes, a doll blanket and doll pillow. Plus a personalized poem! Perfect Valentine’s Day present for a special little girl!

 Ruby2RUBY #2   SOLD

This 9″ Ruby doll has an orange accent on her dress.




Ruby3RUBY #3     Small Buy Now Button  $30

This 9″ Ruby doll has a cowlick and a purple accent on her dress.




RUBY #4    $35               SOLD

This 13″ Ruby doll has a blue and grey dress and hair barrettes to hold her wild braids in place.








 RUBY #5     Small Buy Now Button  $30

This 9″ Ruby doll has grey shoes and a blue-trimmed dress.








 RUBY #6   Small Buy Now Button $35

This 13″ Ruby doll has bright green eyes and cute little trim on her overall pockets.


RUBY #7          $30

This Ruby is 9″ and has a very neatly-trimmed dress!

Small Buy Now Button $30



This little 6″ cutie is precious!

Small Buy Now Button $25



Okay, but this 6″ Ruby is just as precious.

Small Buy Now Button $25

 Sample Poem











5 thoughts on “Ruby the ROMP Mascot Doll”

  1. Ruby arrived today, could not be happier many thanks. Poem is superb I’m sure Ruby & Ruby will get along splendidily.

    1. Awesome, Paul! I’m so glad you like it. I loved dolls as a child (well, okay, I still do at 53), so they always have a special place in my heart, and Kareth makes such cool dolls. The museum has a doll tree in it right now! Thanks again for helping support the museum’s work and have a fabulous life with your Ruby and our Ruby.

  2. I’ll pay with pay pal. Ruby’s dad is in the coast guard. Her middle name is Jean. They are getting transferred soon after her birth don’t know where yet. In Chicago now. Parent from Minnesota & Arkansas.

  3. I would like a #4 ruby for my not yet born grand daughter (feb) her name will be Ruby Gruber which will at some point be Ruby Gruby I am sure. Could the poem reflect this or the name on the doll? I am a Grandpa of 70yrs and would like to give a gift for her to remember.

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