In the Cards


At this year’s Oklahoma Arts Conference, be on the lookout for one of the cards above. Picking one up could involve winning one or more of the following:

  • A free weekend at the Poet’s Retreat
  • One free night at the Poet’s Retreat
  • A free book of poetry
  • A personalized poem written just for you

How it works. When you find a card, go to the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry’s Facebook page and post a poem of at least 2 lines about the card, along with a photo of the card, to the page.

Doing that will get you a free book of poetry and a personalized poem. Want a free night at the Poet’s Retreat? Then, search for the other card in the pair you have. Post a photo of both cards and a poem of at least 4 lines about the card, and you will get a free night at the Poet’s Retreat.