LG Poem Contest


And the 2019 winners are . . .

Over 18: Doris Wagnon

Ages 11-17: Taegan Smallwood

10 and Under (tie): Layla Morrison and Aspen Reed

Congratulations! You can read the winning poems below.

Under age 10 Winner: Tie: Aspen Reed and Layla Morrison

Locust Grove

Loads of “arghhh”s
Outstanding stars
Colorful things everywhere
Awesome football players
Super good football team
The best sportsmanship
Red and Black are the Pirate colors
Off the hook food
Very thankful
Everyone is nice in this hometown

–Aspen Reed

Locust Grove

Locust Grove is the best town.
OMG! Have you never been to Locust Grove?
Can you come to Locust Grove?
Universe is great in Locust Grove.
So you should come soon.
The world is great.

Got all the stuff in Locust Grove.
Rain comes, now cars.
Oh no, you can’t come.
Valentine’s is really good here.
Even every month.

–Layla Morrison

Age 11-17 Winner: Taegan Smallwood

LG Founder’s Day

Sunshine was acceptable on this day.
Little kids, teenagers, and adults could run and play.
All sorts of games and prizes
That came in all shapes and sizes.

There was along parade
That seemed to faintly fade.
There was a car show nearby
That nearly caught everyone’s eye.

There was a rodeo that night
Where we watched men and calves fight.
As we watched the bulls buck off one by one,
It seemed that the suspense weighed a ton.

As I lay in bed
A million thoughts running through my head,
This great and wonderful day, oh a day
Was the day of Founder’s Day!

–Taegan Smallwood

18 and Over Category Winner: Doris Wagnon

Going Back to Living in Locust Grove OK USA

Well I’m tried of the taxes and I’m tired of the crime.
I’m tired of the pressure that is blowing up my mind.
I think I found the answer, to letting off some steam.
I’m going to buy a homestead and follow my own dream.
So I’m packing up a U-Haul and I’m heading out today.
You can find me and my family living in Locust Grove OK USA.

Yes, going back to living in Locust Grove OK USA.
There’s thunder and lightning and it rains most every day,
But that comes with the kind of living in Locust Grove OK USA.
“Oh Lord, is that a siren warning? A tornado is on its way?
Well that’s the price for living in Locust Grove OK USA.”

I’ll get a German shepherd: I think I’ll name him Rover.
Then I’ll have a barbecue and invite my family over.
We will sit on my front porch and we’ll talk the night away.
Then we’ll go to church on Sundays in Locust Grove OK USA.

Now the cops here are really friendly. He may even be your neighbor Bill,
And if he sees you speeding, you’ll be calling home from jail.
But all will be forgiven, when you go fishing the next day.
It comes along with living in Locust Grove OK USA.

Yes, the life we will be living won’t match our yesterdays.
We’ll enjoy our country living in our home now far away
And my wife will sing the story she wrote just yesterday
It tells the life we’re living in Locust Grove OK USA.

–Doris Wagnon



Winners from the 2018 1st annual Founder’s Day Poem Contest:

1st Place: Sheri Fogleman
2nd Place: Saphire McClure
3rd Place: Troy Bullman

Sheri’s winning poem:

The City We Call Locust Grove.jpg