Mother’s Day-Founder’s Day

As Locust Grove celebrates its Founder’s Day on May 8, 2021, kids can drop by the museum and make a quick button gift for their moms for Mother’s Day.

May 8, Saturday


FREE Craft activity with all materials provided

Founder’s Day Croquet Poetry Tournament

Poetry Croquet Tournament: Cutthroat Singles Game

Object: To be the first one to successfully pass through all of the game wickets

OUR Rules:

  1. Six player-limit. If there are more than six people signed up, the contestants will be divided equally and will play in rounds.
  2. In addition to scoring each wicket, players must also pass the poetry challenge at each wicket in order to continue. Example, If the first wicket calls for RHYME, you must state a rhyme before going on to the next wicket. Successive players cannot use the same rhymes (or whatever the challenge answer is) previously used.*
  3. All ages can play though players must be old enough to use the mallet appropriately and to answer the poetry challenges.
  4. Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Basic Croquet Information:

  1. Each player has a ball and mallet of the same color. Use the mallet to his the ball through each wicket.
  2. Order of play is as follows: Blue, Black, Green, Red, Yellow, and Orange.
  3. Players take turns hitting the ball one time. If they get through a wicket and answer the poetry challenge, they get a bonus turn.
  4. Players also get a bonus shot if they hit someone else’s ball during their turn.
  5. If someone drives another person’s ball off the course, it can be put back in near the edge of the course.  

*Devices that may be included in the poetry challenges include the following:

Visual Imagery
Touch Imagery
Smell Imagery