Open Poetry Contest

Write a poem!

The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry, Locust Grove, announces its 2nd annual open poetry contest, with poems on any theme and in any style. Cash prizes will be awarded. There will be a poetry reading/open mic in the fall where poems can be read, though attendance is not required to enter the contest. Anyone aged kindergarten and up from anywhere can enter.

                       $600 in CASH PRIZES*

Contest Guidelines:

  1. Poems will be judged in 4 categories:

K-5th             6th-12th           Adult        Professional (published poet)

2. Maximum length: 100 lines.

3. Poems can be rhymed or unrhymed.

4. One poem per person.

5. Previous winning poems cannot be submitted again.

6. A signed Entry Form or online form must be filled out and turned in with the poem.

NOTE: Due to ROMP’s limited resources, entries do not receive an acknowledgement. Winners will be notified by email by September 15, 2021, and announced on this page at that time.

Contest Evaluation Criteria:

Poems will be judged based on these criteria: imagery, creativity, poetic language & technique, and development of theme.

To Submit:                   DEADLINE (UPDATE): August 28, 2021

Mail your poem with the attached entry form:


Submit your poem through the online form below:

Individual Poem Entries are not personally acknowledged. Please keep a copy of your poem! Winners will be emailed on or before Sept. 15, 2021. Winning poems will be posted on this website and checks mailed to the winners. Winners will also have the chance to read their poems at future ROMP events.

*If we do not receive a sufficient amount of entries, ROMP reserves the right to cancel or postpone the contest.