Pastry Competition

cream-cheese-breadAs a special treat at Wonder City Wordfest, a Pastry Competition will be held from noon to 2:00 p.m.

The competition will involve 10 pastry participants giving samples of their wares to the audience. The pastry judge will evaluate the pastries in a blind taste-test and choose a grand prize winner who will collect $200. The judge will also pick a 2nd place winner, who will win a gift card to Wonder City Coffee. Audience samplers will also get to vote and a popular vote winner will win a Wonder City Coffee gift card.

In addition, a poetry contest, wherein the writer creates a 3-line poem about the pastry of his/her choice, will be held, and the winner will also receive a Wonder City Coffee gift card.


Celebrity Pastry Judge Jimmie Tramel, Tulsa World writer

Pastry Chefs:

Marea Breedlove
Jess Childress
Ramsey Cooper
Christie Cox
Katie Cunningham
Jennifer Henson
Maggie Hunton
Karen Morse
Tony Orr
Jacob Russell


Anyone (chef or taster) can write a poem about a favorite pastry and enter it in the poem contest. The poem must be composed during the competition and submitted to Roxann Yates at Wonder City Coffee by 1:45 p.m., April 15.

Contact Roxann Yates at about entry details. There will also be a 3-line poetry contest about the pastries. The poet–pastry maker or consumer– who is voted the winner will get a cash prize also! See details below about all the events scheduled for the First Annual Wonder City Wordfest.