Poet Costume Ideas

At Wonder City Wordfest, our annual celebration of poetry and community, we will have a Poet Costume Contest. A lot of people have told us, “Hey, I don’t know which poet to dress as. There aren’t that many poets that are that recognizable from their look.”

So, here we offer you the fact that we are VERY FREE-WHEELING with what we are calling “poet.” So think: Anyone (or thing) that is somewhat witty or has fun with words or is rhythmic, etc. Therefore, you can come as Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson or someone similar, but we would also love to see a Foghorn Leghorn, Cartman, Betty Boop, Janis Joplin, Endora from Betwitched or……see what we mean??

We will have some cool prizes for the contest, so get your poet on and come out and dance and have fun with us at Wonder City Wordfest, April 16, 10-3!