Summer Poetry Challenge

The deadline to sign up for this challenge has passed. The 103 participants have begun the challenge to write one poem per week between June 23 and Aug. 23.

If you missed the deadline, stay tuned as the plans are to offer a Winter Poetry Challenge, too. LIKE Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry on Facebook to stay up-to-date on events and contest.

  • Every participant will win something: a t-shirt, a journal, cash, gift card, etc.
  • Every participant will have at least one poem published in the anthology created from this summer challenge.
  • Every participant will have the opportunity to get online or in-person feedback from ROMP director Shaun Perkins on one poem per week.

In addition, participants are the only ones eligible for the Poetry Challenge Contest, in which cash prizes totaling $1,000 will be given to the best poems written for the challenge in the preceding 8 weeks.

Poems can be on any theme and with any style or length.

Each week, starting the week of June 23, participants should send a poem to me, either through the form on THIS PAGE or in an email to or in person to me at ROMP Rummage Store, 112 E. Main or Wonder City Coffee, 118 E. Main, Locust Grove.

People living a distance from Locust Grove who do not have regular access to the Internet, can mail poems each week to 6603 S. 438 Rd. Locust Grove OK 74352.

Let’s do some poetry!

–Shaun Perkins, Director, Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry