ROMP Tellabration


November 20, 2021

TELLABRATION!™ is a night of storytelling celebrated worldwide on or about the third Saturday in November. The event is a trademark of the National Storytelling Network. Guilds and storytelling enthusiasts all around the globe share their storytelling talents in concerts held in cities and towns to celebrate the art of storytelling. Locally, TELLABRATION!™ brings together each area’s most celebrated storytellers, to delight, captivate, and mesmerize audiences with their stories. It creates a network of storytelling enthusiasts bonded together in spirit. 

Eldrena Douma

At ROMP, we are delighted to welcome Eldrena Douma as our storyteller for TELLABRATION!™ . Eldrena will tell stories that celebrate the Creative Spirit.

Eldrena Douma grew up in the pueblo tribes of the Laguna, Tewa and Hopi. Her experiences as a teacher and her Native upbringing made a powerful foundation for her work as a storyteller. A recipient of the prestigious John Henry Faulk Award, she travels the country sharing her captivating stories.

As a young child Eldrena spent several years at the side of her father and grandmother. They were both artists. Her father sculpted Tewa/Hopi Kachina dolls and her grandmother carried on the tradition of coiled pottery. She helped gather the materials needed with her grandmother and watched as both her grandmother and father created and with each creation, stories were told.  Little did she know but those days would be the building blocks of who she would become.

As a Storyteller/Teacher, she has become an artist too. Instead of using clay, she has become a molder of words. Through the process of creative thinking and the use of imagination, helping others to create story in a very short period of time is a gift that she wants to share.

In addition to the storytelling event, Eldrena will be conducting a story workshop for teens and adults. The workshop is free but sign-up in advance is necessary to prepare materials. Sign up by using the form below or calling or coming by the museum and filling out a registration form.

Storytelling Workshop 

Enhancing Creativity With Story: Eldrena Douma

Saturday, Nov. 20: 1:00-3:00 p.m.

This workshop is for anyone that loves or would love to create with words. All that is required is your imagination!   

In this workshop the participant will develop several stories.  Quick thinking will be the challenge in this workshop. The process of creative thinking and using one’s imagination is what will be required to mold words into a story in a short period of time.

The workshop is free of charge, but you must sign up in advance by filling out the form below.


This event is sponsored in part by generous support from OECU and TT.