The Book With

beaconcoverart-taketwoThe Book With . . . is the long-term plan for ROMP director Shaun Perkins’s book series, detective stories in verse that are based on mysteries found in the written marginalia of old books.

Bookstore owner Perry Cassidy, proprietor of A Book a Day in fictional Shatubby, Oklahoma, has a hobby of exploring the story behind the notes that people have written in their books that wind up in her store. Follow her as she solves “book mysteries,” beginning with . . .

The Book with the Beacon Lights

In the Book with the Beacon Lights, Perry is intrigued by the notes between two high school girls written in one’s 1948 English literature textbook Beacon Lights of Literature. When she discovers that one of the girls was murdered, the case begins!

The Book with the Beacon Lights will be available in April 2017. Published by Bacone College’s Indian University Press, the book features artwork by Ray Grass and photographs by Betty Perkins.

The second book in the series is also complete and is currently in search of a publisher.

The Book with the Broken Locket

The Book with the Broken Locket involves a 1939 edition of a Nancy Drew book, The Case of the Broken Locket. Owned by a young girl in the 1930’s, Perry finds a mystery surrounding the girl that the family has hidden over the years.