ROMP Mystery Box

Sample ROMP Mystery Box

Not everyone can visit the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry in person, but everyone could use a gift of personal poetry throughout the year.

Thus, we at ROMP have decided to offer a monthly subscription ROMP Box for word and poetry lovers . . . or anyone who likes to get surprise packages in the mail!

You can also sign up and send a mystery box to friends and family.

Each ROMP Mystery Box will include the following:

  1. A personal poem written just for the receiver
  2. A poetry magnet, button or key chain
  3. An odd assortment of words clipped from handwritten letters and notes or from printed sources and pieces of written stuff and images for your scrapbooking, journal or whatnot creative fun
  4. A tiny unique notebook to write in or draw in or breathe into
  5. A surprise item of some sort

Subscription Prices:

1 month = $20              
6 months = $100            
12 months = $210        

All items will be handpicked or made by ROMP Director Shaun Perkins. These prices include the cost of shipping. Boxes will be mailed by the 15th of each month in the first month after receiving your subscription payment.

Available only to U.S. addresses. Please complete both the Subscription Form below and also Click on the Subscription Button to start your subscription today! You will not be disappointed!

ROMP Mystery Box Subscription Form

Click the button BELOW the subscription length you are purchasing. You can also pay by check sent to ROMP, PO Box 1243, Locust Grove OK 74352.

1 Month = $20.00

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6 Months = $100.00

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12 Months = $210.00

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