Love Quatrains, Love Poetry & Its Opposite

vdaycards1I am making some cards and card booklets for Valentine’s Day for my sister’s shop. So I have been composing little love poems to put in them. It’s a bit hard to write a love poem nowadays. Everything has been said. Or has it? The rhyme either works or it doesn’t. A free verse love poem seems lacking though.  Here are a few I have come up with:


Walk with me in fields of clover,
In times of sun and rain.
Share with me your laughter,
Echoing down the lanes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This is what you need to know:
The day is beautiful because of you.
The night is a wonder we share.
I am bathed in your love so true.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Let’s disappear in a field of flowers
And live where the summer hides
And eat green grapes and honeydew
And continue this love that abides.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


A valentine can convey my love
And reveal what’s in my heart.
I know no card will ever suffice
But this is where I can start.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now, my next task is to make anti-love, anti-Valentine’s Day poems. Something along the lines of Bukowski’s “love is a dog from hell,” which includes this description of love:

this whole thing is like a seal
caught on oily rocks
and circled by the Long Beach Marching Band
at 3:36 p.m.

Stay tuned for the flip side of love. These cards will be black and brown and will only have hearts on them if they are the actual organ.

–Shaun Perkins

4 thoughts on “Love Quatrains, Love Poetry & Its Opposite”

  1. thank you i used some of your ideas
    really great love poems
    try writting sonnets if you can

  2. hahaha… anti-love poems. ooooohhh my. YOu’ve inspired me to write some love poems. I wanna be like you. I WANNA come to see you and the museum. Somehow I have to make that happen. It’s 844 miles from me to you. 13 hours, which means for me, two days. I like to ‘junk’ along the way. eggads. xo

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