Love Quatrains, Love Poetry & Its Opposite

vdaycards1I am making some cards and card booklets for Valentine’s Day for my sister’s shop. So I have been composing little love poems to put in them. It’s a bit hard to write a love poem nowadays. Everything has been said. Or has it? Continue reading “Love Quatrains, Love Poetry & Its Opposite”


Dog From Hell: V-Day Baby!

dogfromhellThe Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry, Locust Grove, OK, invites you to a Valentine’s Day poetry event: Dog From Hell: V-Day Poetry ROMP. Tour the museum, engage in the interactives, mingle, and participate in a poetry workshop to make your own Valentine’s Day poems and cards—typical love poetry not required. Poet Charles Bukowski called love a dog from hell, so what metaphor can you create for it? Continue reading “Dog From Hell: V-Day Baby!”