Poem Caching

PoemCachePhotoOne of my favorite memories from childhood was when our Mom made a treasure hunt for our birthday party (my sister Kelly and I share the same birthday—born same day a year apart). I remember particularly getting to the end of it and finding one of those wild-haired troll dolls in the wellhouse.

I have always loved treasure hunts. I’m surprised I only recently discovered geocaching, but then again, I’m usually about 10-15 years behind a trend. I still have a dumb phone, not a smart one. I recently started finding geocaches, and honey Ken has been a great sport and goes out with me. When we sign the log, I usually add a 2-line poem under our names, something that has to do with the cache site.

Last Sunday, we had just visited a beautiful half-hidden little cemetery in Teresita when Ken said I should make poem caches. Oh yeah. So Sunday night and today I have been working on the idea. What better way to share the mission of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry than to make a game out of hiding and finding poetry.Caching 020

Therefore, Poem Cache is born. The first two caches have been hidden. Read about them and more at the blogsite I started for this project. And . . . help me out! Find my poem caches and create your own that I can put on the site.

Poetry is a treasure. Go hunting!

–Shaun Perkins

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