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Poetry Post Office

Tiffany and others at the Poetry Letter Office
Tiffany and others at the Poetry Letter Office

NOTE: The following was written and given to me after our festival. If you attended and would also like to make a comment, please reply in the Comments below. 

My favorite part of the ROMP Poetry Festival was the letters that had the names of different authors on the envelope. I picked out James Wright and the poem inside was called “Beginning.” I really loved this poem instantly and found myself thinking that I needed to find a book of poems by James Wright. Continue reading “Poetry Post Office”


Poetry Contest Deadline Extended

contestThe Treasure Time Poetry Contest has extended its deadline to September 10, Tuesday, 2013. Email me your entry! For more information, go to THIS PAGE.

If you have problems with the entry form, just email the poem to me, and I will get back to you with particulars.


Poem Treasure Hunt Day is coming up this weekend . . . . . September 14, 6-9 p.m. Please come out!


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Cruelest Month Celebration: Treasure Hunting!

Poem clues, map, and treasures

The  Cruelest Month Celebration scheduled for April 20, Saturday, at the museum is coming very soon. I am working on the poem treasure/cache hunt that will be the new activity for the day. Thirteen poem-clues will guide you around the property to a treasure that awaits you. Continue reading “Cruelest Month Celebration: Treasure Hunting!”


Poem Caching

PoemCachePhotoOne of my favorite memories from childhood was when our Mom made a treasure hunt for our birthday party (my sister Kelly and I share the same birthday—born same day a year apart). I remember particularly getting to the end of it and finding one of those wild-haired troll dolls in the wellhouse. Continue reading “Poem Caching”