If you are considering a trip to the museum and not sure it will be worth it, please check out some comments from former visitors! (And please feel free to comment below if you have been and want to share your experience!)

Today was just absolutely wonderful! Thank you SO much for hosting such a wonderful event. I will assuredly be back and bring enthusiastic friends!

We had a great time reading all the poems with our kids. The boys had fun playing poetry poker and thought the treehouse was the ticket. Now we REALLY have to build one at home. We missed a few things because it was too dark to see, so we can’t wait to come back in the daylight to do the outdoor activities and scavenger hunts. Next time we are there, it’ll be fun to see what is new and what people have left to share.


We all had such a wonderful time…some of us had that and LARGE amounts of hot chocolate, thank you!!! It was fun to be around so many words and so much creativity and to watch how my kids reacted and interacted…I know they left some words of their own with you. I can’t wait for our oldest girl to come home for a visit, so we can bring her to visit your cool spaces!! Thanks for sharing your love with us…


I had a blast at the museum! I absolutely loved the secret corner. It was very creative. The treasure hunt was super fun also! I loved it all.


 I had a great time at the event! Lots of fun and interesting items and activities! Was a great night!


 I wish I could of had time to do the treasure hunt, but I really enjoyed the museum!! The only thing I would suggest to change is if I could of taken Jade, the black doggie, home with me!!


I had a blast at the ROMP the other night it was so much fun! I am looking forward to the next one in November!


 My girls (ages 8 and 6) came to your event tonight. We had an amazing time. It was so neat to watch them get excited making sentences and with the jenga blocks. They enjoyed making funny sentences like “She smells like a fish with a fuzzy cat.” They had no idea that they were learning while having fun. They had me read each poem around the museum and try to explain it to them. We also made some poetry bracelets. After that we enjoyed the scenery from the beautiful treehouse. The scavenger hunt with poetry was a blast! Thank you very much for this family time and learning experience you provided! This will be a night we will always remember. We can’t wait to enjoy your scary story in November! My girls called their prize their trophy and was so excited to show their daddy their trophy.

Had a great time last night at the ROMP Treasure Time event.


Thanks, Shaun for providing the opportunity and creating such a wonderful place deep in the woods for those who often feel the need to venture off the familiar path. Oh…and thanks for opening the door for me to put those images to paper.


ROMP is a very interesting place and definitely worth a visit. There were things to do for all ages and I had a lot of fun.


 Such a welcoming place.


Such a unique hidden place! Love the blend of well known poets with local ones and the cute kitty corner.


I wish I would have gotten there early enough to finish the scavenger hunt before it got dark. I really enjoyed the museum. It was very interesting, my favorite was the “Secret Corner”.


 It was great fun. You are doing especially wonderful work with young people. And thank you for the trophy! Very creative. ROMP is a magical place.


It was great! I loved getting to read the secrets in the secret box. Thanks for giving us the prize even though we failed to complete the treasure hunt.. haha I had lots of fun.


2 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. Another wonderful night at The Romp! Such a wonderful place to be, they love people so much and after you leave there you feel like part of the family. My girls and I started the evening off by checking out the museum. There is so much to see and read that you can’t do it all in one night. There are many interesting things to look at and do through out. We had a blast playing poetry poker, even my young girls got involved and were putting poetry together. It made my day when my six year old wrote some poetry down “The soft rain felt delightful on my skin.” She needed help spelling the words but all because of her hearing the poetry being read around the museum she was able to describe the rain in a way most six year olds can’t. After a fun time in the museum we all got to enjoy stories around the campfire and of course not camp fire is complete with out s’mores!!! Everyone got to tell stories including the children. It was an amazing and ver educational night. Thank you for doing what you do!!!! This will be a night my girls will talk about many years from now, maybe even by a campfire of their own, singing “Peggy!”

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