Books for Locals

34478291_1577941045637191_5622973640644493312_oIf you have run out of books to read at home and can come pick up some free ones, please fill out the form below. I will have a sack of 5-10 books with your name on it on the bench outside Wonder City Coffee, around the corner from the rummage store, on the morning of the date you choose.

You can ask for a specific book, but it’s best if you ask for a type (romance, history, POETRY, popular fiction, literary fiction, western, etc). For children’s books, please specify age or chapter book, picture book, etc. You can also just describe what you like and I will try to match you up.

If you have more than one person in your household who wants books, please fill out the form for each person.

Also, I could deliver the books in town if you give me a specific address and directions. I will leave them on the porch. If you know someone who would like books and doesn’t have the Internet or Facebook, please fill out the form for them.

The rummage store has been closed since March 14, and I will be the only one touching the books.

You can pick any date for the books to be delivered, starting with April 4.

Thank you, Shaun Perkins, ROMP Rummage owner/Wonder City Coffee barista