Poem Life

ShaunPerkins-PoemLifePOEM LIFE is a one-woman interactive, multimedia show exploring the world through 7 crimes of poetry. The show involves the audience in each crime, sometimes through direct participation, with many impromptu moments of storytelling and wordplay.shaun at comedy parlor 2

The show material is suited for teenage and adult audiences but not children.

The show stars poet, storyteller and Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry director Shaun Perkins, who also wrote the script.

Storytelling, narrative, poetry and audience interaction are all a part of the show, which is both dramatic and comic.

POEM LIFE took a hiatus in 2016 but some shows were performed in 2017, and at least one is booked for 2019. If you would like to book the show for your venue, festival, conference, etc., please contact Shaun, 918-864-9152, rompoetry@gmail.com.

4 playing poetry pokerThe Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, and all proceeds to the show fund museum projects and expenses. Donations to ROMP are tax-deductible.

Show Feedback:

“This was such a great show, Shaun. Loved the motif and your poetry interwoven with mythic elements, interaction, humor, depth, and *you* in all your you-ness. All potent goodness. Here’s gratitude for what you’re doing in the world these days and here’s looking forward to visiting ROMP very soon.”–Beth

 “I had a great time at the show and was super-glad that I decided to come.  The evening was fabulous!  I can’t/won’t stop telling everyone about this great adventure.”—Jocelyn

Shaun at Comedy Parlor

 “I like how you relate poetry to everyone’s lives. I like your props and the variety of poetry segments–love, young tragedy, comedy. Your dry wit is very appealing. It’s

a great show for the poetry lover and for the non-lover because you’ve changed their minds!”—Mike

 “I was amazed at this performance. I never knew poetry could be so interesting.”—Ann

We really enjoyed your performance, and have already talked about inviting you again, so be prepared for an invitation.”–Gladys, OMNI Center director

Shaun!  I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see your performance!  You are amazing and I can’t wait to see more from you!  Thank you for being so awesome.–Kiona

“Your show was phenomenal!  I really thought it was well-designed and hope that you will continue to perform it or tour with it. I liked the interactive quality of it.  And, there were some moments that were especially profound and moving.”–Molly

If you would like me to bring this show to your venue, festival, conference, town, etc., please contact me. You will not be disappointed.

Next Show:

Oct. 5, 2019: Curiosity Fest, Oklahoma School of Law, Oklahoma City 

comedy parlor  Past Shows:

Aug. 19, 2017: PAAHC Small Theater, Pryor

April 15, 2017: Wonder City Wordfest, Locust Grove

June 19, 2015 Iguana Cafee, Tahlequah

May 4, 2015: Downtown Library, Oklahoma City OK

May 29, 2015: Graham Community Center, Pryor OK

April 29, 2015: Comedy Parlor, Tulsa OK

April 24, 2015: Howlers & Yawpers Festival, Seminole OK

March 28, 2015: The Goddess Festival, Omni Center, Fayetteville AR

March 21, 2015: VFW Hall, Locust Grove OK

Do you have an event or a venue that POEM LIFE could come to? Please give me a call.

POEM LIFE is a 90-minute show designed with no intermission, though an intermission can be provided if necessary. The show is suited to small theaters and auditoriums, meeting rooms or even outdoor spaces. It is available for booking now.

Please contact Shaun Perkins at 918-864-9152 or through the form below for more information.

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