IMG_1787.JPGSponsoring the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry helps the museum stay open, grow its exhibits, and spread the experience of poetry to more people every year. The museum exists and runs solely on donations, grants, and funds earned from the ROMP Rummage Store.

Please consider a donation to help the museum continue to serve its mission:

To bring poetry and people together, to encourage wordplay and literacy, and to provide a space where everyone can have an experience of poetry.

ROMP has several events, workshops, and contests each year to engage people of all ages and to bring rural life and creative thought together.

$25 suggested donation
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You may also send donations to

Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry

6603 S 438 Rd.

Locust Grove OK 74352

For more information, contact Shaun Perkins at rompoetry@gmail.com or 918-864-9152.


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