Poetry Recitation Competition

CTThe art of reciting poetry should never be lost. Show us your skills at this Wonder City Wordfest  competition, and you could be named the 1st Wonder City Poet Champion and win a cash prize of $25.


  1. Your poem can be either an original one or one by someone else.
  2. The poem should be at least 14-lines-long and no more than 100.
  3. Introduce the poem with the title and the poet’s name
  4. Anyone of any age may enter.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Verbal Delivery: Correct pronunciation and clarity of words; clear and effective interpretation of poem
  2. Vocal Delivery: Appropriate and effective enunciation, emphasis, volume, etc.
  3. NonVerbal Delivery: Appropriate and effective gestures, facial expression, posture, etc.

IMPORTANT: All reciters must sign up in advance by April 14, as there are a limited number of slots available for the competition. SIGN UP NOW!

Fill out the Form below to enter.