Storytelling Competition

brand-storytellerOne of the best ways to celebrate words during Wonder City Wordfest is to use them for some great storytelling. The winner of the Storytelling Competition will get $25 and be named the 1st Wonder City Wordfest Storytelling Champion!


  1. Stories should be 4-8 minutes, no shorter or longer. Anything shorter or longer will be disqualified. Practice and time yourself!
  2. The stories can have any style, theme or subject matter; however, they should be family-friendly with no profanity or racy plot.
  3. Stories can be original or ones you have found elsewhere. If the story is not yours, be sure to introduce it by naming the source.
  4. Anyone of any age can enter the contest.
  5. Stories must be told without reference to notes, etc.
  6. Storytellers must sign up by April 1 by filling out the Form at the bottom of this page.

Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Delivery: Voice, posture, gestures, etc. are appropriate and effective.
  2. Story: Story is compelling, interesting, and appropriate for a family audience.

Storyteller Registration

There will be a limited number of participants, so SIGN UP NOW if you want to participate. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot!