The Coming and Leaving

We left by separate doors
Into the changed, other bodies
Of cars . . .

–from “Cherrylog Road” by James Dickey

Another display we’ll have in our museum besides the Marginalia one is one about doors and doorways in poetry.

I found an old wood door in my grandparents’ barn, and poems and musings about doors will be displayed on it. There will also be places for museum visitors to add their comments on the door.

As part of the exhibit, I would also like to gather and display photos or artwork of doors and the photographer/artist’s poem or ideas about the door.

Would you—yes, you—reading the words on this blog post right now—be willing to contribute a picture of a door that has meaning to you and a piece of writing about it?

The door can be real or not, on your abode or not, vehicular, architectural, fantastical, operational or not.

You can email your submission or send it by postal mail:

Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry
6495 S. 438 Rd.
Locust Grove OK 74352

For doors
Are both frame and monument
To our spent time,
And too little
Has been said
Of our coming through and leaving by them.

–from “The Door,” by Charles Tomlinson

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